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Alvin the Elephant Soft Toy

This super soft elephant is also a teether and rattle!

Bears For Humanity

The sustainably-made, ethically-minded, cuddliest gift that gives back!

The lovey that is cuddly, chewable and entertaining!

Every baby is eager to get their hands on this ball and crawls merrily towards the bright colors and jolly features.

Haba Little Leaf House Fabric Book

Two finger puppets help tell a surprising, soft story!

Hape My Little Doll

 Made to be your toddler's first best friend!


Cast off from shore to teeter and totter on imaginary ocean waves!

hungry pelican

This cuddly plush pelican has an empty belly and a big appetite for fun!

Maison Nola Storyland Toile Stuffed Bear

 Locally made and perfect for cuddling!

Meiya The Mouse Soft Rattle

Meiya the Mouse is a sound toy, teether and lovey and sound toy all in one!



This fabulous stuffed alligator will inspire lots of affectionate hugs.


Hand-knit, mini rattle for tiny hands.

  Nursery Friends - Alligator Throw Pillow

This gator is super safe for snuggling.


I'm cute, rattle, super soft, organic and 100% chew approved!

Organic Starlight Throw Pillow With Mirror

It's designed for the nursery, but it would be equally fab in the living room!